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Dear attendees of ISIEM 2018


Royal Society Open Science will publish a special collection of invited papers to explore Inorganic and Environmental Materials. The special collection will be co-edited by GUEST EDITORS selected from the organisation committee of ISIEM 2018.


Given your expertise and background, we hope that you might contribute to this exciting special collection. The aim of the special collection is to showcase the state of the art in creation of a SPECIAL COLLECTION through leading scientific contributions in this interdisciplinary research area, in order to highlight the value of objective and evidence-based scientific approaches to Inorganic and Environmental Materials, and to encourage a wider scientific readership to engage with the challenges and opportunities of this research theme.


Royal Society Open Science is a multidisciplinary open access journal and also has strong open data policies, meaning all supporting data and digital research materials must be made freely available at submission. As invited piece, your article will be published at no charge to authors, and all papers published in the special collection will be freely accessible and downloadable online by everyone. Special collections aim to showcase emerging fields of research, and we would welcome submissions either as a primary research article or a high-quality review.


We’re flexible in our deadline, but also keen to publish the collection in early 2019, so we would like to propose an initial submission deadline of September 1st 2018  thus giving plenty of time for peer review and any revisions.


Please note that all articles will undergo editor assessment and rigorous objective peer review, and will need to satisfy the editorial demands of the journal before acceptance. Although publication of the collection is targeted for the spring of 2019, accepted articles will be published online as soon as they are ready, and subsequently curated into a special collection, with its own webpage (an example from a recent special collection can be found here).


Royal Society Open Science offers ‘objective’ and open peer review, and aims to publish high-quality work across the entire range of science, without the usual restrictions on scope, length or impact. In addition, a distinguishing feature of the journal is that it is the first to support Registered Reports – an article type that aims to eliminate forms of publication bias.


If you have any further questions about the journal, Andrew Dunn, the Senior Publishing Editor, would be happy to answer them. You can contact him at openscience@royalsociety.org.


I sincerely hope that you will be able to accept this invitation, and would be grateful if you could indicate by January 15th 2018  via info@isiem2018.org whether you will be able to contribute to this ISIEM 2018  collection.


I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Kind regards,

Andrew Dunn – Senior Publishing editor