Keynote speakers

Professor Oliver Kappe, University of Graz, Austria
Professor Kappe has an extensive general experience in synthetic and physical organic chemistry, process intensification using batch microwave technology and flow chemistry/microreaction technology, communicated in ~380 scientific publications. For the past decade the focus of his research has been directed mainly towards flow chemistry/microreaction technology, encompassing a wide variety of synthetic transformations and experimental techniques. His research group is actively involved in projects dealing with API synthesis and manufacturing, employing a number of different enabling and process intensification technologies.




Dr. Fabien GRASSET

My area of research interest focuses on the synthesis of new functional colloidal nanostructure (M@ZnO, M@SiO2, and g-Fe2O3) and thin films. Since 2006, I extended my work on nanocomposite materials based on metal atoms clusters (Mo6X14, Ta6X18, Nb6X18).These nanocomposites, nanoparticles and thin films could have interest for biomedical, optical, energy and environmental applications.




Professor Markus Niederberger, ETH Zurich 

Professor Niederberger’s research focus is on the chemical synthesis of inorganic functional materials for energy storage and conversion, gas sensors and electronics.





Professor Yoshiyuki KOJIMA, Nihon University, Japan
Professor Yoshiyuki KOJIMA investigates the syntheses of various calcium compounds (gypsum, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, etc.) by techniques of liquid phase reactions and the control of powder properties, such as particle sizes, morphologies and molecular structures.